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If you have a multimedia presentation that needs to be adapted into a foreign language, PGLS can help, by providing either foreign language voiceover/narration or subtitles/captions.

Voiceover & Narration—PGLS provides polished voiceover artists for audio-visual projects, to include audio and video narration, from more than 200 languages and dialects. PGLS employs highly skilled and talented native language performers and voice actors and accommodates specific accent or gender requests.

PGLS utilizes professional-grade hardware, software, and satellite studios— all quality checked for sublime audio quality. Once the tracks are captured, our engineers ensure that the WAV or MP3 end product is edited and mixed to perfection. PGLS uses Avid Pro Tools HD—the preferred choice for professional audio producers. We can also arrange artists to travel to a client’s designated location.

Subtitles & Captions—If you only need subtitles or captions for your video project, PGLS can perfectly synchronize our translations of your video script to the video source, taking care to confirm that the intent of every word is properly validated. If requested, we can also transcribe and translate the script using your existing files, or if you don’t have a written script of your video, we can transcribe the audio content for you to provide an original script, and then translate into the requested target language.

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