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In the modern world, one wrong word can spell disaster for a marketing campaign, a project, or an entire company. Adding other languages into the mix increases the odds that your message may literally get ‘lost in translation.’ PGLS offers world-class translation services to help customers keep their communication channels open and clear.

At PGLS, we provide high-quality document translations in virtually any discipline, nearly any document format, and in more than 200 languages. In addition to full translation, we also provide editing/proofreading services, gisting/summarization, Machine Translation (MT) and Human-Assisted Machine Translation (HAMT), and more.

All of our document translations are completed by professional, certified translators and editors, all of whom have gone through our rigorous recruitment and vetting process. All translation projects are managed by our team of expert, multilingual Project Managers and go through our complete, multi-step Quality Control Process to ensure that you receive an accurate and idiomatically appropriate translation.

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