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As any professional linguist will tell you, the best transcription services for you depend on the specific needs of your project. From interviews and phone calls to research project presentations, whenever you need efficient transcription services of your audio or video files into clear, accurate text documents, PGLS is here to help. Our expert team will guide you through our cost and time efficient transcription process from start to finish, always listening to your requirements and exceeding your expectations. 

Excellent transcription services are so much more than just simple conversion of foreign language spoken content (typically from an audio or video recording) into written text. The content must also be translated just as accurately as any written document while also retaining any important context, nuance, or figures of speech present in the original audio content. In a complete transcription, even filler words such as “um,” “oh,” or “like” are often included as well.

Your transcription projects are too important to be left to chance or misinterpretation. Whether audio or audiovisual, we deal with almost all formats and never rely on non-human transcription methods. At PGLS, our industry experienced transcription experts — who transcribe millions of words of content annually — ensure that the highest quality control measures are adhered to and meet or exceed the recommendations of ISO 24624:2016 for transcription services. Moreover, as with all of our language solutions, our foreign language audio transcription services are also backed by our innovative and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System, GlobalCheck®.

In addition to providing original language transcripts of any foreign language audio, we can offer a full written translation of the transcript, or even provide a direct translation of the original audio without producing an original transcript. PGLS transcription services offer the flexibility to suit your needs, whether you require verbatim transcription of the original content, complete and precise, summary transcription for fast assimilation of a large volume of content, or word-for-word transcriptions that provide an easier to read but just as complete alternative. Whatever your particular requirements, we tailor our transcription services to meet our clients’ individual needs.

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Based in the greater Washington, D.C. area with team members across the world, Piedmont Global Language Solutions (PGLS) leverages nearly 25 years of language service experience to consistently deliver on-time, accurate, and personalized language service solutions to numerous companies and government agencies. Backed by our industry-leading processes and resources, PGLS offers Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Language Training, and Localization in more than 450 language combinations.

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