With experts in more than 200 languages and dialects, PGLS is a recognized leader in high quality end-to-end language solutions.

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In the modern world, one wrong word can spell disaster for a marketing campaign, a project, or an entire company. Adding other into the ..


Localization (also known as “L10N” in industry parlance) is the process of adapting a product or content to a particular international ..


Interpreting involves the facilitation of spoken communication between speakers of different languages, and is formally ..


Transcription involves the conversion of spoken content (typically from an audio or video recording) into written text ..

Linguist Analysts

PGLS provides highly qualified, experienced, and vetted language analysts (with security clearances, if required) to support the critical ..

Language Instruction

Whether you are looking to learn a foreign language to enhance your skill-set in the professional world or are preparing for an overseas ..

Language Assessment

PGLS offers accurate language assessment and testing services to a variety of government agencies, commercial businesses, and healthcare ..

Bilingual Staffing

PGLS supports companies and organizations with bilingual staff placement. PGLS will offer select candidate resumes ..

Cultural Training & Consulting

Did you know that if you are attending a wedding in China, you should never wear white, or that you should always present a business ..

Voiceover, Narration, Subtitling & Captioning

If you have a multimedia presentation that needs to be adapted into a foreign language, PGLS can help, either by ..

Desktop Publishing

GLS makes multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) easy. Just send us your files (Adobe InDesign, PageMaker, MS Publisher ..


PGLS offers this ‘creative translation’ process of adapting your content to suit the needs of a target audience. PGLS will ensure ..

Global Marketing (SEO & Social Media)

Global marketing is more than simply selling a product internationally. It is an approach and a process that involves careful ..


For those clients who already have global presence and need help with relocating their staff, PGLS can help face the unknown ..




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“The non-profit I run does not normally require translation services. However, we were faced with a situation where we needed an important letter translated quickly and correctly for one of our potential overseas clients. A friend recommended PGLS and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. They translated the requested document and went above and beyond what we expected. This showed their level of experience with translations, as well as a deep understand of the purpose of the letter. The letter was translated in under 48 hours as time was of the essence. I would highly recommend PGLS to anyone considering their services.”

-Non-Profit Client

“PGLS provided outstanding services to my web development company and delivered in a professional and timely manner. I would love to use their translation services again in the future!”

-IT Client

“I’ve used PGLS for several projects and have always been impressed by their professionalism. Their ability to communicate effectively helped to ensure the work met our team’s quality standards. I would recommend them to anyone look for great work with great turnaround time.”

-Govt Client

“I work at a small, new non-profit organization in Washington, DC and PGLS has worked with me to produce high-quality translations of both texts and videos. My organization once asked them to translate and subtitle a video from Arabic into Bahasa-Indonesian. We needed to quickly send a subtitled translation of the video out to our mailing list in response to a trending news story at the time. Not only did PGLS complete the translation very quickly but they also created a new video file with subtitles that was ready for me to publish and share. In addition to the remarkable quality of the translations they produce, and the speed with which they produce them, their customer service has been very friendly and incredibly accommodating with our requests. In the past, I’ve had to deal with finding translators willing and able to translate our media and then wait for months to receive completed translations from them. Working with PGLS has been a pleasure and has definitely made my job much easier.”


“PGLS diligence, attitude and professionalism are highly appreciated.”


“PGLS’s over the phone interpretation service has really helped us communicate with applicants and sometimes with associates. PGLS has been a great resource.”

-Fortune 500 Client