Languages served by PGLS:

Afghani (Dari) French Laotian Salish
Afrikaans Fukienese Latvian Samoan
Akan Fulani Leta Sarikoli
Albanian (Gheg & Tosk) Fuzhou Lingala Serbian
Algerian Ga Lithuanian Serbo-Croatian
Amharic Galician Luganda Shanghainese
Amoy Garre Luhya Shona
Arabic (All Dialects) Georgian Luo Sicilian
Armenian German Mai Sinhala
AsanteGourmancema Macedonian Sinhalese
Asante Greek Malay Slovak
Azerbaidjani (Azeri) Guarani Malayalam Slovenian
Badini Gujarati Malinke Somali
Bahasa Haitian Creole Maltese Soninke
Bajuni Hakka Mam Soso
Bamanankan Hassaniya Arabic Mandarin Spanish
Bambara Hausa Mandingo Sudanese
Bangla Hebrew Mandinka Swahili
Basque Hindi Marathi Swedish
Belarusian Hindko Marshalese Sylheti
Bengali Hmong Masbatenyo Syriac
Belarusian Hunan Mien Tachew
Bosnian Hungarian Mina Tagalog
Bravanese Igbo Minangkabau Taiwanese
Bulgarian Ilocano Mirpuri Tajik
Burmese Ilongot Mixteco Alto Tamashek
Cambodian (Khmer) Indonesian Mixteco Bajo Tamil (Sri Lankan & Indian)
Canadian French Italian Moldovian Tatar
Cantonese Japanese Mongolian Tedim
Cape Verdian Jarai Montenegro Telugu
Castilian Javanese Moore Tetum
Catalan Jula Mossi Thado-Kuki
Cebuano Kachin Navajo Thai
Chaldean Kanjobal Ndebele Tibetan
Chin Kannada Nepali Tigre
Chinese Kaqchikel Norwegian Tigrinya
Chuukese Karen Nuer Tohono O'odham
Czech Karenni Oriya Toisan (Chinese)
Danish Kazakh Oromo Tokelauan
Dari Khmer (Cambodian) Pahari Tongan
Darija Kibajuni Papiamento Tshiluba
Diejiu Kikongo Pashto Turkish
Dinka Kikuyu Patois Twi
Dioula Kinyarwanda Persian (Farsi) Ukranian
Djerma Kirgiz Pidgin Urdu
Dutch Kirundi Polish Uyghur
English Kiswahili Portuguese Uzbek
Estonian Konkani Portuguese Creole Vietnamese
Ewe Korean Potohari Pulaar Visayan
Falam Krio (Sierra Leone) Punjabi Walloon
Fante Kurdish Putian Wenzhou (Chinese)
Farsi Kurdish Badini Quechua Wolof/Ouoloff
Fijian Kurdish Kurmanji Quiche Yiddish
Filipino Kurdish Sorani Romanian Yoruba
Finnish Lao Russian Yupik
Flemish Zarma-Songhay



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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“The non-profit I run does not normally require translation services. However, we were faced with a situation where we needed an important letter translated quickly and correctly for one of our potential overseas clients. A friend recommended PGLS and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. They translated the requested document and went above and beyond what we expected. This showed their level of experience with translations, as well as a deep understand of the purpose of the letter. The letter was translated in under 48 hours as time was of the essence. I would highly recommend PGLS to anyone considering their services.”

-Non-Profit Client

“PGLS provided outstanding services to my web development company and delivered in a professional and timely manner. I would love to use their translation services again in the future!”

-IT Client

“I’ve used PGLS for several projects and have always been impressed by their professionalism. Their ability to communicate effectively helped to ensure the work met our team’s quality standards. I would recommend them to anyone look for great work with great turnaround time.”

-Govt Client

“I work at a small, new non-profit organization in Washington, DC and PGLS has worked with me to produce high-quality translations of both texts and videos. My organization once asked them to translate and subtitle a video from Arabic into Bahasa-Indonesian. We needed to quickly send a subtitled translation of the video out to our mailing list in response to a trending news story at the time. Not only did PGLS complete the translation very quickly but they also created a new video file with subtitles that was ready for me to publish and share. In addition to the remarkable quality of the translations they produce, and the speed with which they produce them, their customer service has been very friendly and incredibly accommodating with our requests. In the past, I’ve had to deal with finding translators willing and able to translate our media and then wait for months to receive completed translations from them. Working with PGLS has been a pleasure and has definitely made my job much easier.”


“PGLS diligence, attitude and professionalism are highly appreciated.”


“PGLS’s over the phone interpretation service has really helped us communicate with applicants and sometimes with associates. PGLS has been a great resource.”

-Fortune 500 Client