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Non-Profit and NGO

From governmental and international organizations like the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations to non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the World Wildlife Fund, Doctors Without Borders, and Feed the Children, aid groups of various types and sizes provide invaluable services in times of regional and global disasters. These organizations also help at-risk populations with access to clean drinking water, life-saving medical treatments, and education. As the majority of this type of work takes place in the furthest corners of the globe, their need for reliable language services is indisputable.

At PGLS, we have more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality non-profit and NGO translation and interpretation services in more than 200 languages. Among the many types of non-profit and NGO translation and interpretation projects we have completed are:

  • Press Releases;
  • Employee & Volunteer Training Modules;
  • Country & Program Reports;
  • Surveys;
  • Public Outreach Materials;
  • Conference (simultaneous) Interpreting for International Conferences;
  • Manuals; and
  • Governmental Correspondence.

Our team of professional linguists are among the best in the business and are experts not only in foreign language translation and interpretation but also in the non-profit and NGO industry. Additionally, all of our linguists go through our rigorous recruitment and vetting process, and all language projects adhere to our complete, multi-step Quality Control process in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.

At PGLS, our staff and team of linguists are passionate about helping make the world a better place for the entire global community and future generations. We work closely with our non-profit and NGO clients to develop a language services plan that can work within their frequently limited budgets. We do this by leveraging the latest industry technology along with human resources to provide high-quality language services that are also sensitive to costs, because every dollar saved in the translation process is another dollar that can be spent providing life-saving services to those in need.

PGLS – Every Word Matters

Based in the greater Washington, D.C. area with team members across the world, Piedmont Global Language Solutions (PGLS) is backed by over 70 years of combined experience in the language services industry.  We provide top notch services to numerous companies and government agencies.  Our tested processes and resources allow us to offer outstanding solutions in the areas of Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Training, Cultural Sensitivity Training, Language Instruction, Localization and more. Our network of language professionals specializes in more than 200 languages and regional dialects.

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