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The gaming industry has transformed into a major international business. According to, the video game market in the United States alone was valued at USD 18.4 billion in 2017. Game production is a highly complex process that involves a wide range of talent (programmers, UX/UI designers, graphic artists, voiceover actors, writers, testers, etc.) from all over the world. Products created in such a multicultural environment are then enjoyed by diverse audiences, from Africa to Asia and beyond. Many games made in the U.S. get localized for use in Japan, and American gamers frequently play games created by Chinese developers. One single game can offer a plethora of material to be translated and localized, such as game scripts, graphics, instruction manuals, and more.

At PGLS, we have more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality gaming translation and localization services in more than 200 languages. Among the many types of gaming translation and localization projects we have completed are:

  • User Interface (UI) Translations;
  • User Manuals & Instructions;
  • Script & Dialogue Development;
  • Video Localization & Foreign Language Voiceover;
  • Testing; and
  • Mobile, Online, or Console-Based Translations.

Our team of professional linguists are among the best in the business and are experts not only in foreign language translation and interpretation but also in the gaming industry. Additionally, all of our linguists go through our rigorous recruitment and vetting process, and all language projects adhere to our complete, multi-step Quality Control process in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.

PGLS knows that high-quality game localization is as much about preserving the original look and feel of the game as it is about knowing what to change and what not to change to adapt a game to an international audience. If you come to us early in the process, our gaming localization experts can help you to develop your product with localization in mind, and reduce the overall costs of game development.

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Based in the greater Washington, D.C. area with team members across the world, Piedmont Global Language Solutions (PGLS) leverages nearly 25 years of language service experience to consistently deliver on-time, accurate, and personalized language service solutions to numerous companies and government agencies. Backed by our industry-leading processes and resources, PGLS offers Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Language Training, and Localization in more than 450 language combinations.

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