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Title VI of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, color or national origin, and requires that recipients of Federal assistance take reasonable steps to ensure meaningful access to their programs and activities for Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons. Also, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act requires covered entities to take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to LEP individuals who are served or likely to be served by health programs receiving funding from the Department of Health and Human Services.

With more than 25 million LEP individuals in the United States and LEP community growth of 80% between 1990 and 2013, there is a growing need to provide meaningful community outreach and information on public services. It is vital for local government and non-profit organizations to develop trust with their local immigrant populations to foster better relationships and provide them with the assistance that they may require, from education services for their children to medical and social services. To ensure that the right message reaches those segments of the community, targeted content is key to successful communication and investing in the community creates long-term value.

At PGLS, we have more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality public information and community outreach translation and interpretation services in more than 200 languages. Among the many types of public information translation and interpretation projects we have completed are:

  • Language Access Materials;
  • Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Pamphlets & Notices;
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) & Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs);
  • Press Releases;
  • Forms;
  • Parent/Student Letters;
  • Vital Documents;
  • Over-the-Phone Interpretation; and
  • In-person/On-site Interpretation for Community & Family Meetings.

Our team of professional linguists are among the best in the business and are experts not only in foreign language translation and interpretation but also in the community outreach and public services industry. Additionally, all of our linguists are vetted through our rigorous recruitment process, and all language projects adhere to our complete, multi-step Quality Control process in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.

PGLS can ensure that your carefully crafted communications reach all sectors of your target community with the right voice and cultural nuance. We regularly achieve this goal through our nationwide network of translators and interpreters who are not only proficient in their respective target language, but more importantly, they are active members of the communities for which they are translating and interpreting.

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Based in the greater Washington, D.C. area with team members across the world, Piedmont Global Language Solutions (PGLS) leverages nearly 25 years of language service experience to consistently deliver on-time, accurate, and personalized language service solutions to numerous companies and government agencies. Backed by our industry-leading processes and resources, PGLS offers Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Language Training, and Localization in more than 450 language combinations.

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