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How to Choose a Language Service Provider for Your Localization Project

Choosing the Right Localization Partner

When embarking on the localization path, it is helpful to have a solid partner to help guide the way. Choosing the right one helps to ensure the client-vendor relationship is truly a partnership that is able to achieve mutual goals.

LSPs vary in size, capabilities and specializations. Main types of localization vendors are freelance localizers on one side and large, multilingual vendors on the other. There are pros and cons to each of these types of vendors. Whether a client prefers a more personal feel or a more robust corporate relationship would affect the type of vendor is chosen. Other factors also include cost, feel of control over a project, a company’s ability to dedicate internal project management resources, and the range of services required.

There is rarely going to be a “one-size-fits-all solution” for clients and localization projects. As a client’s needs vary, so would the requirements for the type of vendor. Whether a company is just getting into the localization realm or is a recurrent beneficiary of everything localization has to offer, assessing a company’s localization needs, company culture and resources are going to be key to selecting the appropriate localization provider for the company’s project(s).

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