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How Languages Services Help Businesses Thrive Through the Pandemic and Beyond

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left virtually no industry unaffected. From the ways we shop, the places we’re able to  travel, to the ways in which we  work and socialize with friends and family, almost everything has changed. It’s understandable to feel a loss of control, especially as it relates to achieving business growth l (unless you work at Amazon, that is). In a world full of uncertainty, are there any strategies that can help businesses not only survive, but also to thrive? Are language services really the answer?

Language Services

Sometimes, even large businesses can mistakenly assume that language services are only helpful for specific  times, such as quickly translating a document or a catchy slogan for an ad campaign.  The reality is that the language industry has been the backbone of economic growth and international trade from the beginning. There are numerous examples of this. Legal translators allow  for seamless trade in different jurisdictions.  Post-editors perfect the translations completed by machines. Experts assist in  localization of marketing materials. A company’s communications team prepares websites and software for internationalization. Though the list could go on and on, one thing is true:  language services are an integral part of many successful businesses. The need for language services is not limited to those businesses that work across international borders. Even right here in the United States, the Limited English Proficient (LEP) and non-English-speaking communities continue to grow rapidly, so if you’re not thinking about catering to these target markets, you’re missing out on a potentially massive number of new customers.

While each language service has a unique focus, demanding both specific industry expertise and native language experience, is what leads to success. . Business growth is achieved through effective communication, which requires an understanding of customers’ language and culture. It’s understanding what people say, how they prefer to be spoken to, and why certain messaging is likely to resonate. The good news is, throughout any pandemic, we’re still here, ready and raring to help every business put their best foot forward into 2021, and beyond.

Business Communications

Seamless communication throughout a supply chain is key to efficiency. Having one trusted translation service provider standardize translations through each step of the production line can not only save time and money but also provide a more rewarding relationship between manufacturers, suppliers, production, and sales.

Additionally, enhanced video conferencing technologies allow for instant video interpreting of meetings with partner businesses across continents. Enabling real time team collaborations and adherence to social distancing guidelines protects staff as well as increases productivity. Even after the pandemic is a distant memory (we can dream!), these services can open a world of exciting and diverse professional perspectives to help you drive productivity like never before.

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Multilingual Marketing

It’s no longer a question of whether your business should market to more than just English-speaking audiences. It’s a matter of how to get it right. Within the U.S., Navajo isn’t just the most spoken Native American language, but  Navajo is also historically and culturally significant. Surviving to this day with a growing number of native speakers, Navajo should be considered among other languages, such as Spanish, English and Chinese. With only 378 million English native speakers in our worldwide population, and over 21% of American residents speaking a language other than English at home, multilingual marketing will likely soon be considered standard marketing practice. So, why not get ahead of the curve?

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Your language service partner can even help with focused market research, making sure that your messaging is tailored to your target consumers, whatever language they speak. Learn more about how to choose the right translation provider for your business in our recent blog. Marketing directly to each audience, either through social media, email campaigns, websites or advertisements is not only the most profitable way to grow your business into 2021, it will assure other language customers feel that they are being seen, and remind us of the diverse community to which we all belong.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translations help you take those tentative first steps into international trade. Navigating multilingual marketing can feel like a balancing act, but successfully trading in legal locales can be a minefield of unforeseen hurdles and pitfalls. Legal systems themselves differ widely, and when new languages come into play, it’s important to have a trusted language team on hand.

Linguists in this sector are not only native speakers of the language itself, but are also highly experienced in the legal system and how  U.S. legal documents are laid out. This helps protect the legal permissibility of documentation through the translation process. The laws of each country directly affect how the daily business of international trade is conducted. Since pandemic restrictions can change rapidly, legal translations allow businesses to stay on top of the situation and adapt accordingly.

Public Sector/Medical Translations

Obviously, the importance of public sector and medical translations has become even more apparent than ever in 2020. Multi-language translations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) public health announcements and coronavirus information play a crucial role in keeping communities informed. However, this up-to-date access to COVID-related information has  proved that through prompt, clear communication,  businesses are equipped to  best meet the changing needs of their staff and customers.

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Many companies have contributed in a positive and constructive way, connecting more with their customers on social media, changing selling strategies, and adapting working practices to keep people safe. Remote working has gained global attention like never before, allowing more employers to explore the benefits of a flexible working model. Some suggest that creative thinking and reflexivity will be what spells success going forward. We’ve said it before, but this approach focused on connectedness is likely what will allow businesses to thrive in a post-pandemic market.

Competing in a post-COVID economy is all about understanding the needs of your customers. Contact us today to find out how language services can help your business thrive!

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