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Successful global marketing is more than simply selling a product internationally, it’s about connecting with new potential markets. Marketing translation services require an integrated and holistic approach that takes both the needs of your business and what will resonate with your new target audience into account from the beginning.

As a leading marketing translation agency, PGLS’ multi-layered process involves careful planning, effective production, targeted placement, and uniquely creative promotion of your company’s products or services focused on any local market across the globe.

Marketing translation fails may be amusing for Internet users, but they can spell disaster for your globalization plans. Our specialized multilingual marketing experts utilize strict translation quality management measures to keep your marketing projects on track. We can also assist with social media strategy and content posting, reviewing, and enhancing marketing collateral and implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices for your foreign language website.

Marketing translation services are vital for any company hoping to compete at a global level, while still appealing to all your customers in a personalized and thoughtful way. Everyday, PGLS provides this crucial communication link for businesses whose products and services have universal demand. From automobiles, clothing, food and many more, we have experienced, subject-matter expert linguists and cultural consultants to help.

Whatever your needs, our dedicated marketing translations team will help develop your Global Marketing Strategy or work within an existing framework to help you maximize the return on your investment in any foreign market.

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