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Cultural consulting and training services play a vital role when engaging in international business negotiations or working with LEP communities right in your backyard. Cross-cultural differences play a major role in impeding communication and understanding. For example, did you know that when traveling to China, if you are attending a wedding, you should never wear white? Or, if conducting business, you should always present a business card with both hands? In a Muslim-majority country, you should never shake hands with your left hand? Every country and geographical region has its own particular customs and courtesies.

Therefore, PGLS recommends cultural consulting and training prior to an important meeting with a foreign client. PGLS can provide you with the right amount of training for such events. We’ll even look over any materials you wish to present and ensure that your content is culturally sensitive appropriate. We’ll also give you the best tips and advice beforehand, so that meetings run smoothly, with no unintentional indirect messages given to foreign clients.

Learning the proper greetings, terms of address, ceremonial nuances, and appropriate gift-giving will earn you the respect of your intended recipients.  A little advance preparation can go a long way!

PGLS can also provide coaching in cultural competency to help culturally diverse global workforces to function better together, helping your business or organization to be more productive, profitable, and harmonious. Our cultural consulting and training services are available in a variety of formats, both online and in-person. We can provide training sessions for a wide variety of industries, including business and financial services, technology, automotive, consumer goods, manufacturing, and much more.

Oftentimes, translation, interpretation, and localization services are not enough to make sure your message (and intent) is understood. This is why you should look to PGLS for your cultural consulting and training needs.

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