Localizing for the Diverse ‘Latin American Spanish’ Market

By David Evseeff The Spanish language has positioned itself as a vital part of international commerce. Spanish is ranked as the third most widely spoken language in the world (520 million), second to only Mandarin Chinese and English, and is considered the third most frequently used language online (344 million). Because of this [...]

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Language Diversity in Northern Virginia

By David Evseeff Over the past several decades, the Northern Virginia area – part of the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan Region – has quickly become one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions of the country, and as such, has an increasing demand for translation and interpretation services to support local Limited English [...]

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For the love of Languages!

By Christine S. Maxwell As a language lover who frequently practices my Spanish language skills, I join a community of more than 300 million learners of languages through Duolingo. For many of my teaching colleagues, and me, it’s also a superb supplement to school language programs. Duolingo currently offers more than 37 languages from [...]

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Color the World: The Pulsera Project

Creative Careers in Languages, Part 6 By Christine S. Maxwell Every year, the Spanish Club at the small rural high school where I teach chooses a community service project. In addition to raising money for a good cause, students participate in and understand world social justice issues as 21st century global citizens. This year, [...]

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PGLS – Every Word Matters

Based in the greater Washington, D.C. area with team members across the world, Piedmont Global Language Solutions (PGLS) is backed by over 70 years of combined experience in the language services industry.  We provide top notch services to numerous companies and government agencies.  Our tested processes and resources allow us to offer outstanding solutions in the areas of Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Training, Cultural Sensitivity Training, Language Instruction, Localization and more. Our network of language professionals specializes in more than 200 languages and regional dialects.

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