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Bilingual staffing has become a rapidly growing sub-specialty in recent years with an ever-increasing demand for multilingual personnel. According to a study from the New American Economy, job posts for bilingual positions grew from approximately 240,000 to 630,000 between 2010 and 2015. This demand includes both low-skill and high-skill positions. Furthermore, according to the study, the most in-demand languages currently are Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

While many staffing agencies can help source multilingual candidates, the PGLS advantage is that we are focused exclusively on bilingual and multilingual staffing services and can handle each step of the process. From helping clients to refine their job descriptions to providing access to our expansive linguist database with many pre-vetted candidates and interviewing them. We can also handle the translation of any foreign educational and professional records as part of the credential verification process.

In addition to the above, PGLS will also provide an assessment of the candidate’s language skills and technical subject matter expertise, based on the job requirements. On request, PGLS can even provide an initial background check on candidates in preparation for government security clearances.

Whether you are looking to hire a bilingual administrative assistant, healthcare practitioner, or language analyst, PGLS has a deep pool of highly qualified candidates to choose from, in a variety of fields and specialized backgrounds.


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