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Benefits Of Learning a Second Language

The economy today is getting more and more globalized, which means that people are interacting across countries and cultures; this was not the case before. To take full advantage of this opportunity, it is very important to learn a second language. Many business leaders are recognizing that in order to compete in the international market they need to be well adept in several foreign languages. Knowledge of your clients’ language and culture shows you respect them as individuals. It also shows that you understand their needs better than your business competitors who may not have this background.

Leaning a second language improves brain function and stimulates creativity. Learning a new language allows you to make connections you couldn’t make before because every language approaches the world in a different way. As a result, it helps you understand the world from the point of view of a different culture, so you gain a better appreciation of society with all its variety. You not only gain the capability of communicating across cultures, but you also develop the faculty to understand a new perspective. Studies have show that those who are able to converse in foreign languages are able to handle distractions better than those who speak only a single language. In addition, it may also help offset age-related declines in mental performance. It was hypothesized that the ability to hold two languages in the mind simultaneously, without allowing words and grammar from one language to slip into the other, could infact result in the greater control needed to perform well during certain tasks. Another hypothesis suggests that bilingual speakers have better working memories for storing and processing information. That said, you should start learning second language now so you can stay sharp when you are much older. Think of it as exercise for the mind, just like math or Sudoku, only easier. If you learn a new langauge it wil surely help you to correspond across cultures ans run your business in places you wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise. The ability to communicate in another language allows you to speak with your customers in the language they are most comfortable with. Your clients are more likely to trust you when you speak their langauge. There will also be a closer relationship between you. This can be an important step in building strong and lasting business relationships, which in turn will help make your business more successful. Knowing foreign languages in a definite asset especially if you are an avid traveller. Imagine being able to read and understand road signs, maps and menus writen in a foreign langauge. This would cut out a ot of hassle and your precious time.

Studies have shown that the best time to learn language is before the age of 5 for best results. But, it is never too late to learn foreign languages, the sooner you start the better, as long as you have the will to learn and have a good leaning resources, any time is a good time to learn. Always start with the basics when it comes to learning foreign languages. Begin with elementary cources and slowly progress from there. Modern elementary language curriculum are specially designed so you can start practicing what you have learned quickly because they focus on common words and phrases, apart from grammar.

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